Original Kittinger finishes were applied to exacting standards requiring many steps to complete. Lacquer is the final coating of a Kittinger finish. The amount of lacquer applied determines whether the finish is closed pore, open pore or semi-open pore.

Restoration of Kittinger finishes damaged by minor scratches, prolonged light exposure and other environmental factors is available to our customers by a retired master Kittinger finisher in Buffalo, NY. Our finisher has many years of experience at the Old Kittinger factory on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, where Kittinger masterpieces were made for so many decades. Our furniture is by definition pre-owned and many of the pieces do need finish restoration to return them to their fine original condition.

The following are examples of some of the premium Kittinger finishes which were available in decades past and can still be found on our pre-owned furniture.

Re-upholstery -

We also offer expert re-upholstering services by a retired master re-upholsterer, with many years of experience from the Old Kittinger factory on Elmwood Avenue. You can provide your own fabrics and leathers to complement your furniture selection.

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